Scigrip SG5000-06 Amber (5020) 400ml


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Scigrip SG5000-06 Amber (5020) 400ml

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SG5000-06 is a high strength, fast curing two-part structural adhesive system.




On application, the grade's high viscosity is ideal for both gap filling and vertical surface applications. This unique Methacrylate chemistry can offer excellent tensile and impact strength, even without priming the surfaces. In addition, the advanced macro structure provides the bonded assembly with excellent environmental and chemical resistance in the most demanding applications.


  • 5th Generation Methacrylate Technology
  • High Viscosity - Non Slump Application
  • High Impact Strength Stamp & Fatigue Endurance
  • Fast Cure System
  • 10-12 Minute Fixture Time

Recommend Substrates




 ✓ Epoxy Laminates

 ✓ Aluminium

 ✓ ABS, Acrylics

 ✓ FRP (Polyester / Vinyl Ester)  

 ✓ Carbon Steel

 ✓ Vinyl

 ✓ Gelcoats

 ✓ Stainless Steel  

 ✓ PVC, Polycarbonates  

Polyolefins, thermoplastic polyesters, fluorocarbon plastics and other low surface energy plastics are generally not bondable. Prepare metal by removing dust, loose scale, rust and other surface residue including oil and grease. For maximum bond strength on steel, abrade surface prior to bonding.

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