Soudaseal 2K 250ml


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Soudaseal 2K 250ml

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Soudaseal 2K is a fast curing high quality two component Hybrid Polymer based adhesive/sealant for use in elastic bonding applications where fast curing is required or for those applications where the bond design does not allow the normal penetration of atmospheric moisture.




Soudaseal 2K cures by means of a chemical reaction between A and B component and therefore is not dependent on atmospheric moisture. Fully cured, an elastic and non-shrinkable adhesive layer is formed, which is moisture and heat resistant. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to practically all common substrates used in the construction and building industry.


Soudaseal 2K is suitable for elastic bonding and sealing applications in industrial, automotive, marine as well as construction and building areas such as;

  • Elastic bonding between metal surfaces, coated surfaces and many plastics (not PE, PP, Teflon)
  • Elastic high performance bonding, both interior and exterior
  • Elastic bonding applications in car-, coach-, caravan- ,marine-, train-, industries where fast curing and strength build-up is required
  • Full surface bonding of non-porous (sheet) material and large areas which are not porous enough to let atmospheric moisture through


Soudaseal 2K has excellent adhesion on many surfaces. The following metal surfaces have been tested:

AlCuMg1, AlMgSi1, AlMg3, Al99, Brass, Electro galvanized Steel, Fire galvanized Steel, Steel ST1403 and Stainless Steel.

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