Unibond 3B White High Modulus Acetoxy Silicone 310ml

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Unibond 3B White High Modulus Acetoxy Silicone 310ml

The  Unibond 3B Sealant is a one component silicone sealant which when exposed to atmospheric humidity, cures rapidly to form a permanently flexible and extremely durable weather tight seal. The cured sealant will accommodate joint movement of maximal amplitude of 25% throughout a wide temperature range; resistance to severe weathering is excellent.



General Description

The Unibond 3B Sealant bonds strongly to clean uncoated glass, ceramics and glazed or painted surfaces without the need to prime. For most other substrates it is recommended that a primer be used, a range of high performance primers is available which will ensure optimal bonding to most commonly encountered substrates.

After cure, the Unibond 3B Sealant will be resistant to many acids and bases diluted and salt spray and will tolerate short exposure to most industrial solvents and hydrocarbon based products, in the latter case some reversible swelling and softening will occur.

The exceptional translucent quality of the Unibond 3B Sealant is such that it is ideally suited for use where the sealant is visually prominent, examples being, display cases and shop windows.


The Unibond 3B Sealant is a high modulus sealant and should be selected for use on applications where joint loads are high and where relative movement between substrates is to be minimised. When used on external joints, a weather tight seal or high integrity will result.

  • All classical glazing joints
  • Door and window frames
  • Cladding and curtain wall construction
  • Shop windows, display cases, panels and signs
  • Portable buildings, caravans and containers
  • Conservatories and greenhouses
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting
  • Construction joints
  • Swimming pools
  • Marine hardware
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