Scigrip MP100EU Metal Primer 1L


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Scigrip MP100EU Metal Primer 1L

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Scigrip MP100EU Metal Primer is a surface treatment that is designed to clean, chemically convert and prepare stainless steel and aluminium surfaces for permanent bonding with Scigrip Methacrylate Structural Adhesives.




It significantly improves the long-term durability of adhesive bonds that are subjected to humid or corrosive environments such as salt water or salt spray. Without MP100EU, certain Scigrip Structural Series Adhesives can lose bond strength over time when exposed to such conditions. MP100EU Metal Primer is recommended with SG100, SG200, SG230 HV, SG600, SG745 and SG747 for metal bonding.

The SG300 and SG5000 do not require use of primer. A thin film of the metal primer is brushed or wiped on metal surfaces and allowed to dry completely before application of adhesive. MP100EU Metal Primer is packaged in 1 litre containers (tins).


MP100EU Metal Primer is applied by simply brushing or wiping on metal surfaces prior to application of adhesive. For best results use only thin coats of the primer and allow the primer to dry completely prior to application of adhesive.

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