Scigrip Weld On 55 Clear Polyurethane 50ml

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Scigrip Weld On 55 Clear Polyurethane 50ml

Scigrip 55 is a slow curing, clear colorless, two-component, 100% reactive polyurethane adhesive that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC).



General Description

The Scigrip 55 when mixed and applied, polymerizes at room temperature to form high strength bonds within a few hours. The adhesive has excellent resistance to discoloration by UV light and has excellent lap shear and impact strength.

Substrate Recommendations

Scigrip 55 is formulated for bonding a wide variety of thermoplastics, including polycarbonate, cellulose acetate butyrate, PETG, buffed acrylic, ABS, PVC, polyurethane and foam board to themselves and one another.

Bonding Recommendations

Scigrip 55 is recommended for a variety of applications in the sign assembly industry, especially butyrate trim cap and polycarbonate in channel letter applications. It also has many uses in other plastic fabrication industries for bonding ABS to PETG.

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