SikaTack Panel Adhesive 300ml


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SikaTack Panel Adhesive 300ml

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SikaTack Panel Adhesive is the fourth and final component of the SikaTack Panel Fixing System. This adhesive is a moisture curing, single component, polyurethane based resin.



General Description

This system is designed to withstand extreme dynamic loads and dynamic conditions. Once cured this adhesive remains permanently elastic to accommodate differing thermal expansion of various building substrates. It eliminates stress fatigue at corners of panels and prevents cold bridging.

The adhesive is suitable for fixing:

  • Composite
  • Ceramic
  • High Pressure Laminate
  • Cement Based Cladding Panels
  • Most Metal and Powder Coated Substrates

Based on an 8mm x 10mm triangular bead (using the triangular nozzle supplied) a user can expect to dispense up to 13 metres. When laying a bead, a minimum distance of 10mm should be maintained from the tape.

Maximum Air Humidity is 75% and Ambient Temperature between +5°C min and +35°C max. If conditions are outside these parameters then do not apply.

Product Downloads
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