Sikasil SG500 Black Adhesive 490ml

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Sikasil SG500 Black Adhesive 490ml

The Sikasil SG500 is a two-part, high modulus, neutral-curing structural silicone adhesive. It is mainly used for structural glazing applications.



General Description

Sikasil SG500 is ideal for structural glazing, bonding of solar modules and other high demanding industrial applications. It starts to cure immediately after mixing the two components. The speed of the reaction depends mainly on the temperature, i.e. the higher the temperature the faster the curing process. Heating above 50°C is not advisable as it may lead to bubble formation.

Essential Requirements

The product must be dispensed with either a battery powered or pneuamatic applicator gun, both of which we supply on the related products section.

Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.

Product Downloads
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