Soudal Fix All Crystal Clear Hybrid Polymer 290ml


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Soudal Fix All Crystal Clear Hybrid Polymer 290ml

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Fix All Crystal from Soudal is a high quality Hybrid Polymer which produces a crystal clear bond and seal to most surfaces.



This modified polymer adhesive once cured produces a neutral, elastic bond - impervious to mould, containing ZnP (biocide with fungicidal action). This product is ideal for invisible bonding of glass and other transparent materials in indoor applications.

Fix All Crystal is suitable for sanitary applications and has excellent adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even if slightly moist. Can be painted with all water based paints and many other systems (testing advised). Good resistance to water, aliphatic solvents, hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols, diluted mineral acids and alkalis and (salt) water.

Suitable for all usual building substrates, glass, treated wood, PVC, plastics, metals, stone, concrete. No adhesion on PE, PP, PTFE and bituminous substrates. NOTICE: bonding plastics like PMMA (e.g. Plexi® glass), polycarbonate (e.g. Makrolon® or Lexan®) in stress loaded applications can give rise to stress cracking and crazing in these substrates.

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