SikaTack Activator 205 1L


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SikaTack Activator 205 1L

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SikaTack Activator 205 is the first of the four component SikaTack Panel Fixing System. The activator is used to condition the surface, promote adhesion and generally degrease for all non-porous substrates and cladding panels.



General Description

Once the activator has been applied, it must be left for at least 10 minutes to dry. Once dried, the substrate will be ready for the second component of the panel fixing system which is the SikaTack Panel Primer.

On a typical 50mm wide application, a user can expect up to 285 metres from a 1000ml tin. Sika recommends to change the cleaning paper every 2 metres. If the tin has been left open for longer than 1 hour or contents appears to be cloudy, then dispose of tin in a safe manner and open a fresh tin.

Be careful not to let this contact the panel's display side as this product will stain. 

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